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Carlas’ Recs


A compilation of Carla Vila and Carla Houston’s favorite things, places and much more.

Who are we?

We are Carla Vila and Carla Houston. Two Carlas in Los Angeles. One’s from El Salvador. The tall one is from Cabo. We like pretty stuff, mostly at a budget.

After receiving millions and millions of requests to share secrets, spill the beans on places to visit, favorite accommodations, home decor, tips and tricks, Carla Houston basically got Carla Vila into this whole journaling affair. So here we are.

Hope you like it! Please share with your besties.

Coming Soon…

Stay Warm: Recipes for F(all)

Latest from the Blog

Silence of the Lambs Movie Night

We have officially entered Fall and with it comes a lot of excitement, particularly on behalf of Carla H! To say that she looooooooves Fall weather is an understatement. Initially, we had talked about simply doing a “bucket list” type of day where we did cute and fun activities that celebrated the change in weather.…

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A Day Trip To Ojai

So we took a road trip to Ojai for Carlita H’s (now Torelli) pre-wedding celebration and it was filled with beautiful site seeing… Ok, this is not your typical bachelorette. No, no, no. No tequila shots, and cheap bride to be fanfare, but rather, it was a little getaway trip within 2 hours of LA…

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Las Vegas Hotels

Been in the mood to catch a show, play some blackjack, or go outlet shopping? Then perhaps a Vegas trip is in order! There’s a lot to discover historically and visually in Sin City besides the famous, glitzy Strip, which we’ll save for another post… but whether you’re counting your pennies or high rollin’, this…

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